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And now he is gone..

(c)2010 tom studer


Bunny goes south

Kinda creepy…

Pixel Illustrations – Doodling with squares

©2010 Tom Studer

I have been trying to do a pixel illustration a week with this iphone app i got. It is pretty easy to use and has become quite fun to play with.

Cat n bird

Caution : Rough Sketch

Took my advice…

oooooh scary!!!

oooooh scary!!!

cautionSketch_TSThis is the rough sketch so far….needs another hand holding a caution sign I think???

Doodled today…


Best way to fix an error, sleep on it.

So yeah, went to bed and slept on it. Came back into blender, turned off the mirror modifier, the subsurf modifier and added a new object and yeah!!!